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17 Nov

Snow Frosted Christmas Candle Holders

Comments | Posted in Newsletter By Mary L. | Nov 17, 2017 3:05:06 PM

Bring home a simple, yet elegant winter glass accent: frosted stem glass candle holders

Vase Market's stemmed white glass candle holders are reminders of idyllic winter days and picturesque snow-frosted glass windows. Settle down for a warm and inviting winter afternoon with these beautiful candle holders on your bedside, in your living room, or on your kitchen dining tables.

These white glass stemmed candle holders come in 7.5 inches tall and 9 inches tall.

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18 Aug

Clear Baluster Stem Glass Pillar Candle Holders

1 Comments | Posted in Newsletter By Mary L. | Aug 18, 2017 11:58:00 AM


Clear Blown Glass Pillar Candle Holders fitted with hurricane candle shades

Introducing our newest additions to Vase Market's glass candle holder collection. These beautiful and unique designs are gorgeous, practical, adaptable, strong and mysterious. Such qualities can only come about through skilled glass hand-blowing craftsmanship. Our newest set of glass pillar candle sticks and pillar candle holders have a unique pseudo woodturned design imitating traditional woodturned candlesticks while emanating a modern crystal sparkle! It's a fantastic hybrid of designs, bringing about a modern classic shape with layers of personality in every curve. 

 (Items Featured: GCH202/08GCH202/05GCH201/04GCH201/05GCH201/06)

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30 Jul

Highlights: Contemporary Hurricane Stem Glass Candle Holders

Comments | Posted in Newsletter By Mary L. and Bie L. | Jul 30, 2017 2:03:00 PM

Crystal glass and warm, sun-faded colors evoke a tasteful, cultured scene

Long Stem Glass Candle Holders - Set of 3

A simple design, yet specific enough that one would find these beautiful crystal glass candle holders elusive in the vast world of online shopping. This set of candle holders might present more opportunities than you realize; opportunities to tell a story unique to your own decorative styles in modern and contemporary design.

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07 Jul

Cylinder Glass Tealight Candle Holders for Wedding Centerpieces

Comments | Posted in Newsletter By Mary L. and Bie L. | Jul 7, 2017 11:12:00 AM

Cylinder tea light candle holders - set of 4

When it comes to creating that perfect glow for your tabletops, there is little that can beat these glass cylinder tealight votive candle holders. This collection represents a fantastic fusion of the major elements in the classic designs we've previously discussed: stem glass candle holders, glass cylinder vases, and votive candle holders. Like with any glass candle holders, these glass cylinder tealight votive holders are more than capable of bringing a perfect romantic candlelight ambiance. Clustered together, these varying heights (of 3.75 inches5 inches6.25 inches, and 8 inches), have an attractive stateliness to them that sends a message of refinement and elegance. 

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31 May

Delicate Stems: Vase Market's Beautiful Long Stem Glass Candle Holders

1 Comments | Posted in Newsletter By Mary L. and Bie L. | May 31, 2017 4:27:17 PM

Elegant Stemmed Glass Candle Holder Trio - GCH333-334-335

Stemmed glass candle holders make the perfect wedding centerpiece because they are ever so versatile. Graceful and simple, tall stem glass candle holders are a staple for wedding centerpiece decorations. One can dress them up for grand gala weddings or keep it casual and laid back for rustic weddings. These long stem candle holders can act as vases for the main centerpieces or as complementing accents to the centerpiece.

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5 Item(s)