Zinc Planter Vases

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ZInc Vases and Zinc Rectangle Planters

Safe and fun gardening starts with choosing the right types of planters, and there are more benefits to our zinc planters than you might realize. Zinc is a light-weight and corrosion resistant metal. It is often used in prolonging the life of other metals like steel. This means you don't have to worry about rust or water damage when it comes to our zinc planters. Zinc can also kill harmful microbes in the soil. We have a great variety of planters made of zinc, and not just zinc lined wooden planters. To name a few, we also have zinc cylinder cups and corrugated cups, zinc dish planter sets, and birch-wrapped zinc planters.


Rustic, Country, & Farmhouse Decor

These zinc vases and planters are perfect for industrial and rustic farmhouse decor for homes and country-style weddings. The corrugated aesthetic has a vintage charm that calls back to the western expansion and new frontier American Dream. If paired with water-efficient plants such as succulents and cacti and decorated with old string, twine, or fine lace and burlap, these zinc plants can do a lot to solidify the image of a classic wild west world. 


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