Trumpet Vases

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Glass Trumpet Vases

Our trumpet vase collection is the most popular choice of glass vases for wedding centerpiece designs. Their high demand is not only because of the graceful lines and elegant silhouette that they create when paired with any variety of floral décor, but is also because we make these classy tall vases very affordable for weddings on a budget.

Creating Trumpet Vase Centerpieces with Grand Vision

The trumpet vases come in a couple of styles, colors, and sizes. Each trumpet vase design can fit a great number of different decorative styles and will work for almost any kind of event.

Our most modern and simplest design is the taper down trumpet vase. They form a vertical cylinder that tapers down to a wide footed base that maintains strong balance for top heavy floral arrangements. They come in colors of bold black, snow white, and crystal clear

A slightly more classic design can be found in the flare rim trumpet vase. These trumpet glass vases feature a kind of curvy silhouette similar to a bell, with the opening flaring out like an actual trumpet. There are a total of 6 different sizes of these bell shaped trumpet glass vases. The first three sizes (17.5 inch tall vases, 21.25 inch tall vases, and 25 inch tall vases) follow a design that is suitable to use as floor vases for lobbies and hallways. The tall vases taper up slightly into a bottleneck before flaring out at the rim. The other set of three (14 inch tall vases, 16.5 inch tall vases, and 20 inch tall vases) have wider openings and wider bodies overall, resembling that of a large glass goblet.

All of our designs will help you create a memorable and beautiful trumpet vase centerpiece for your event or home.

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