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“Great company! Vases all arrived on time. Quality was good!”

“Fast delivery, excellent customer service, VERY happy with our first (definitely not the last) experience!”

“beautiful as described. well packed”

Margaret Huang
“I love the vases! Very good price and ships immediately!!!”

Veronica Saldana

Lisa Griffin
“There is no way anything shipped from this company can arrive broken! Each vase was packed in it's own box with it's own bubble wrap & then the individual boxes were tightly packed inside a larger box which was completely wrapped in bubble wrap. ”

Valerie Craig
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“Good quality and low price very happy with my vases”

Manuel Cervantes
“I ordered a large amount of vases and other products for my centerpieces. I received great quality products for a reasonable price. I was searching everywhere for a specific type of vase on the internet and in stores. This is the only place I found them in bulk, in the specific size and shape, and in the price range I was willing to pay. It arrived pretty quickly too!”

Suzette Cabanillas Fernandez
“My shopping experience with VaseMarket was great. Everything came in tact and looked as promised. The only complaint I have is the cost of shipping. However, I'd rather pay higher shipping and have my items arrive on time and in good condition. I will order again.”

Aryn Olivia
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"I tried checking in but there seems to be a glitch, but anyways, I Just purchased some vases and fillers for an upcoming event. The employees here are super nice and provided excellent customer service. I will definitely be returning for the rest of my items that I need."

Teresa D.
"Great great value for the large amount of quality products. I used the vases for my centerpieces. It arrived on time even though I ordered these 2 weeks before my party. I couldn't find the right type of vase until I saw the website for this company. I searched everywhere for the large version of this particular one. I tried going to all the stores and other websites but everything was too small, too pricey for just one piece, or wouldn't arrive on time. I'm very happy with my purchase and the money I saved!"

Suz C.

“After spending countless days and hours trying to figure out about centerpieces for my wedding, I finally came across Vasemarket.com

The prices were very fair and the customer service was amazing along with the shipping costs top! I must say they are the way to go with any glassware you may be needing!

I shopped around online and out in the stores, and nothing came into comparison with Vasemarket.com

I highly recommend them!”

Nicole D.
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“First let me tell you that they have every vase you could imagine in Stock. They sale in bulk which is a really good deal because I didn't just buy straight from them. I did my homework and checked on a countless amount of other websites to decide where to purchase my wedding vases. They were by far very easy to communicate with and the most reasonable. Fast response. I was so worried about ordering 12 24" vases and them being delivered unharmed. The packaging was amazing! Not only did they go the extra mile and package each vase individually with bubble wrap and tissue paper. Each vase was in its on box and the entire outside of the shipping box was wrapped in large bubble wrap like 3 times! Not one of my vases arrived broken or scratched! I am very pleased with this company and will order again from them! The vases are good quality too. Awesome!”

“We run a large wedding venue and needed to refill our stock of vases. We found the best price including shipping total here.”

“Vase Market is awesome!!!!! I do weddings and baby showers. I decided to branch out and start on my inventory. Vase Market is affordable and the merchandise is beautiful!!!!!!!”

"The trumpet vases I purchased were high quality, thick glass and I received so many compliments. I was so please with the 18 vases for our wedding. I highly recommend this company and their products!"

"Cloches came packed extremely well. No worries about breakage during shipment. Top notch!"

"Happy with the vases that I purchased for a wedding."