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Wedding Centerpieces

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Centerpiece Glass Vases and Candle Holders

Centerpieces are more than just objects that make a table pretty. We believe they represent the heart of your decorative designs. Any scene you create is tethered to this choice, and every additional element is expected to pivot around it in synchrony. When you’re looking for something to place at the center of any table, you must consider the goal and character of your choices. That is why Vase Market provides a diversity of quality choices in both vases and candle holders that we believe will not only supplement your tablescapes, but enhance the visionary designs of your special events.

Wedding Decor and Event Centerpieces

Tabletop accents, dining table centerpieces, and floor vases are among the most common uses for these particular glass vases, trumpet vases, and candle holders when it comes to decorating celebrations and special events like weddings, quinceanera, debutante balls, galas, dinner parties, anniversaries, and holiday gatherings. Bring in these exquisite hand crafted glass accents and customize them with your vision of divine splendor.

Take our glass cylinder vases as an example. We offer glass cylinder vases in so many different sizes that you can find something suitable for every type of tabletop decoration, from bud vase, to floating candle holder, to full blown floral centerpiece or wedding aisle floor vase. For professionals in the wedding industry, our diverse collection is every wedding planner's dream.


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