Eiffel Tower Vases

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Wedding Centerpiece Eiffel Tower Glass Vases

These highly durable, hand crafted glass tower vases are appealing choices for decorating weddings, birthdays, quinceaneras, debutante balls, holiday gatherings, dinner parties, and ballroom style events. Don't be decieved by their delicate appearance. These glass tower vases are as durable as they are exquisite. The graceful lines and bone like structure are sure to charm your guests, and add a high-end flair to your beautiful designs.

These glass tower vases come in three different colors: black glass, clear glass, and white glass. We also have each color of tower vase in 4 different height options: 16 inches tall, 20 inches tall, 24 inches tall, and 28 inches tall. It's quite common for users to pair these fabulous glass tower vases with our LED light base plates. Spice up your centerpiece design with either our 5 inch square LED base or our 6 inch circular LED base. Wedding planner and event designers just can't get enough of these spectacular glass tower vases.


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