Glass Vase Filler

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Modern Decorative Accents: Vase Filler and Table Scatter

When it comes to modern decorating, the finishing touches are often the most vital in making your statement. Our vase filler gems, marbles, and pearls are a key element to providing a final stroke to optimizing your glass vases, whether you're a homer owner or event planner. We offer a fantastic variety of decorative fillers for glass vases: sea glass, acrylic gems, glass marbles, glass sand, and expandable pearls. These elements are further enhanced when combined with LED base lighting or LED submersible lights. If you’re a little old fashioned, you might even consider bringing back table scatter décor for your next party or special event with our vase fillers!

Vase Filler Home Accents for Garden Decor

Vase Market's vase fillers are fantastic decorative accents for lining garden planters, pots, or indoor / outdoor vases. Our glass and acrylic vase fillers come in a variety of colors (mostly transparent, but some are opaque), as well as different sizes and shapes. Our decorative fillers for glass vases not only add color to your arrangements, but are also great for drainage in planters and vases unequipped with drain holes.

Multipurpose Applications

Flat and round marbles are versatile and multi-purposeful, finding their applications in various areas such as board games, teaching materials, outdoor gardening, and construction projects. These marbles serve as game pieces, educational manipulatives, decorative accents, and building materials. With their smooth surfaces, vibrant colors, and durable construction, they add visual appeal, tactile engagement, and creative possibilities to enhance your projects, whether you're designing a game, creating teaching aids, beautifying gardens, or constructing artistic structures. Embrace the versatility of flat and round marbles and unlock their potential in transforming your ideas into reality.