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Geometric Terrarium Vase

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Geometric Terrarium Vases

Check out our special collection of table-top geometric glass terrarium vases, fundamentally inspired by the gorgeous precious minerals of the earth, in both their cut and uncut forms. These sophisticated multi-faceted pieces have a dignified and tasteful, art-deco, 1920s-vintage aesthetic. They’re perfect for unique floral, candle, or succulent terrarium displays and they work well with minimalist décor and modern homes.

Geometric Glass Terrariums for Hanging Gardens

Our black steel frame geometric terrariums have flat facets that are excellent for table top display as a decorative piece for homes and events. Each of these black steel frame glass terrariums also come with a long chain for hanging indoors or outdoors, in homes or in gardens. This feature makes these glass terrariums popular as hanging candle holding glass lanterns. 

Blogs About Geometric Terrarium Vases

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