Pillar Candle Holder

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  1. VAR-GCY045/055
    Glass Hurricane Cylinder Candle Holder. H-5.5" D-4.5", H-6.5", D-5.5" (Multiple Packing)
    2 Sizes to Choose
    As low as $41.94
  2. VAR-GFC
    6 pcs Long Stem Glass Pedestal Candle Holder, Opening 3.5", 4" & 6" (Multiple Heights)
    9 Different Sizes
    As low as $59.40
  3. VAR-GFC107-108
    Glass Pedestal Hurricane Candle Holders. H-10", 13.5" Pack of 4 pcs (Choose the Size)
    2 Different Sizes to Choose
    As low as $58.00
  4. VAR-GFC121
    Long Stem Glass Candle Holder H-12", 14", 16" Open D-4", Pack of 6 pcs
    3 Different Sizes to Choose
    As low as $59.40
  5. VAR-GFC102
    Glass Pedestal Stem Slim Candle Holders. H-16", 20" and 24", Pack of 6 pcs
    3 Different Sizes to Choose
    Spend $300+ on the candle holders, use coupon GFC25 for 25% Off
    As low as $81.60
    6 pcs Glass Pillar/Taper Candle Holder Set of 3, Pack of 2 Sets & 4 Sets
    3 Different Design To Choose
    As low as $59.60
  7. VAR-GFC105
    Glass Stem Candle Holder D-6", H-16", 20", 24" Pedestal Thick Stem, Pack of 2 & 4 pcs
    3 Different Heights
    As low as $73.00
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For all your tall or short pillar candles, Vase Market has a pillar candle holder that will fit just right! Our pillar candle holders are certain to please, and they make excellent accent pieces in any home or as part of any event. Our pillar candle vases come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes that are certain to please. We've got hurricane candles holders, short stem and long stem candle holders, mirror candle plates and glass candle dishes, cylinder vases, and open-ended hurricane glass candle shades. If you’re interested in our selection of pillar candle vases or holders, feel free to browse our available selection.

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