Wood Cube Square Planter

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    Wood Large Cube Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner H-8", 10" and 12" (Multiple Packing)
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    As low as $36.00
  2. VAR-ZWCB0505
    Wood Planter Metal Liner Brown Gray. H-10", 15" and 20" (Multiple Packing)
    Available in 3 Sizes
    As low as $29.94
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Wood Cube Planter Box for Garden Decor

Longing for a countryside wedding? In love with rustic or industrial style decoration? Window boxes, wood rectangular planter boxes, and small wooden vases all have an adaptable appearance, with great potential for customization or DIY craft projects like herb gardens, candle displays, seasonal centerpieces, or wedding and holiday decorations. Depending on how you use them, you can place these wooden rectangular planter boxes in your offices, gardens, backyards, front porch, patios, or in your kitchen.

There are different types of gardening, and if you want something simple, easy, and great for amateurs, then container gardening and window boxes might be a great place to start. Our planters can come in birch bark wrap, natural unfinished wood, or dark painted wood. They mostly come with fitted zinc interior liners, many of which are removable, but we also offer plastic lined planters. Although they are not equipped with drainage holes, these rectangular wooden planters are easy to handle, easy to clean, and they will serve their purpose whether indoors or out.

Rustic, Farmhouse, and Woodland Style Decor


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