Oval Vase

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7 Item(s)

The Glass Oval Vase

Vase Market carries a selection of glass oval vase. They are also known as moon shape vase, flat oval vase.

The Oval Moon Glass Vases (which come in 3 sizes: 11 inch tall vase, 10 inch tall vase, and 13.5 inch tall vase) are elegant decorative pieces with a rare design. These glass accents make a bold, yet subtle statement that demonstrates the epitome of modernity and class. Vase Market designs can take a classic design like the bubble bowl and, with the slightest elemental adjustment, turn it into a unique, eclectic and contemporary piece. The flexibility of one's perpective is key to making use of this fabulous glass oval vase; a vase that is certain to enhance your own distinct style and bring a richness to its environment.

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