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    Christmas Style Mixed Glass Flat Marble Vase Fillers
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wood planter with zinc liner

Wood Long Rectangular Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner Natural H-8", Opening 40" x 8"

On Sale with $66.00 ea



Aluminum Mint Julep Cup. H-4.5" Open-4.5" (Pack of 12 pcs)-20

Aluminum Mint Julep Cup. H-4.5" Open-4.5" (Pack of 12 pcs)

Only $7.20 per piece




Teardrop Terrarium Glass H-7.25" D-3.5" (Pack of 36 pcs)

Only $2.20 per piece



Taper Up Cylinder Vase, Candle Holder. H-24" D-3.125"-20

Taper Up Cylinder Vase, Candle Holder. H-24" D-3.125"

Holiday Season Special



Long Stem Votive Candles Holder 12"x3"-3

Stemmed Candles Holder H-12" Open-3" (Pack of 24 pcs)

Only $4.60 per piece



Glass Apothecary Jar H-9.5", Pack of 6-20

Glass Apothecary Jar H-9.5", Pack of 6

Holiday Season Special



Glass Dome Christmas Gift w/ Black Wood Base, H-11"-20

Glass Dome Christmas Gift w/ Black Wood Base, H-11"

Holiday Season Special



christmas red green vase
Free Shipping

Christmas Red Green Dome Vase. H-9.5"

Winter Sale




Stemmed Candle Holder H-8" D-3" (Pack of 24 pcs)

Only $4.00 per piece



Glass Cylinder Vase. H-26 D-6

Glass Cylinder Vase. H-26", D-6" (Pack of 4 pcs)

Only $18.00 per piece



Wood Cube Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner Natural H-4" Open-4"x4" (Pack of 6 pcs)-20

Wood Cube Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner Natural H-4" Open-4"x4" (Pack of 6 pcs)

Holiday Season Special




Glass Eiffel Tower Vases Black H-16" (Pack of 12 pcs)

Only $3.10 per piece



Wood Cube Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner Natural H-5", Open-5"x5" (Pack of 24 pcs)-20

Wood Cube Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner Natural H-5", Open-5"x5" (Pack of 24 pcs)

Only $4.59 per piece



Natural Birch Vases Zinc Interior 9 inch Tall, Garden Supplies

Zinc Cylinder Vase w/ Birch Wood Wrap H-9" Open-5" (Pack of 30 pcs)

Only $3.74 per piece




Zinc Rectangle Planter Iron Grey Finish H-4" Open-12"x5" (Pack of 6 pcs)

Only $6.20 per piece




Glass Cylinder Vases. H-24" D-10"

Holiday Season Special



Welcome to Vase Market

A Direct Importer of Glass Vases Wholesale

Vase Market set out to bring glass items of impeccable quality that will embolden our customers and spark greater passion for modern designs. Building on that dream, we developed a large collection of trendy modern glassware and glass vases wholesale including wedding centerpiece vases, kitchen canisters and jars, candle holders, and terrariums, all available at wholesale prices. Affordability and accessibility are our business cornerstones. That is why we have a showroom open to the public. We are committed to providing a diversity of event supplies so that florists, local businesses, and wedding planners can find what they need, stay within budget, while receiving exceptional customer service. There’s no better place to buy glass vases wholesale than at Vase Market.

Glass Vases Wholesale? Where Should I Start?

Since we provide our glass vases wholesale, you can relax as you browse our extensive collections. You're bound to find a great deal on anything that catches your eye. Looking for glass vases wholesale that's also simple and easy to adapt? Try glass cylinder vases. Want something made for celebrations, special events, and centerpiece decor? Our trumpet vases and clarinet vases will blow you away. But what about ambient tabletop lighting? Can't go wrong with our huge collection of candle holders, which include taper candle holders, hanging tealight holders, hurricanes, or flameless LED lights. What about gardening containers? Yup, we've got those too, in the classic rustic styles of wood box planters and zinc metal cups, pots, and vases. Buy glass vases wholesale through Vase Market!

Glass Cylinder Vases - Classic, Simple, Straightforward Choices

Modern wedding and event planning often need not venture beyond what is tried and true, and glass cylinder vases are among the most reliable decorative glass vases wholesale pieces for centerpiece decoration in any setting or occasion. These hand blown glass cylinder vases can be remade in so many ways that it's easy to forget their simplicity. You can't go wrong with such a dependable style, and Vase Market offers glass cylinder vases in nearly 60 different styles and sizes and they can come in clear, black, or white glass.

Trumpet Vases and Clarinet Vases - Celebration Vases

For a decorative glass accent made for celebration, trumpet vases and clarinet vases are the best glass vases wholesale choice for explosive upscale floral arrangements. In large spaces such as hotel lobbies, ballrooms, and restaurants with high ceilings, trumpet vases and clarinet vases enhance the splendor of these spaces. A marvelous celebration can be made more magnificent with any elegant piece you choose in our trumpet and clarinet glass vases wholesale collection. 

Candle Holders and Party Lights - Warm Lighting of Every Variety

Vase Market's lovely variety of glass candle holders are in high demand among event planners, wedding decorators, and even some florists. There is so much creative potential within all the designs of glass candle holders and glass vases wholesale that we offer.