Glass Rectangular Vases

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For a modern alternative to the cube vase, the lovely glass rectangular vase was born. Our tall rectangular glass vase series is one of our most classic styles. Its original conception was derived from the square-shaped glass vase in an effort to accommodate a wide range of floral profiles, varieties of candles and decorative embellishments. For wedding planners or home decorators on a budget, our wholesale rectangular vases will not disappoint. Those with a modern or minimalist eye understand that simple can be elegant, and that less is more. Some are straight and some are tapered, but all these vases are made from hand blown, high quality utility glassware. Our short and tall rectangular glass vases are strong, sturdy, reliable pieces-and their timelessness will ensure a lifetime of satisfaction. You can also purchase our rectangular vases wholesale.

Functional: Candle Holders

While they have a great variety of shapes and sizes, the rectangle glass vases also come in two inherently different styles: straight edge and round edge glass vases. The straight edge rectangle vases have sharper corners (not too sharp though), for a more clean-cut appearance. These straight edge rectangle vases are favored for modern chic decorative interior designs. They have the perfect shape for tightly packed stems and are most suitable for displaying bundles of flowers over the rim. The rounded edge rectangle vase has a gentler appearance fitting for displaying candles, vase fillers, or flowers that fall belowe the rim.

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