Rectangle Vase Wholesale

21 Item(s)

21 Item(s)

Wholesale Glass Rectangle Vases

These lovely hand-crafted glass vases come in nearly every dimension imaginable. For all your wholesale needs as a wedding planner, event designer, florist, gardener, or DIY bride, Vase Market's got just the vase for you at a reasonable price!

A majority of our rectangle glass vases are made of hand-crafted utility glass by professional glass hand-blowers. As a result, these vases have a bottom weight that will prevent them from being knocked over or toppling, even with top heavy floral arrangements for your wedding centerpieces or dinner table decorations. Furthermore, the thickened base is shatter-resistant (meaning these glass vases are generally more durable) and heat resistant. A heat resistant base allows for these rectangle vases to display interesting candle arrangements while protecting wood table tops from heat damage.