Hanging Candle Holders & Hanging Terrariums

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18 Item(s)

Hanging Glass Candle Holders and Vases

Vase Market's hanging glass terrariums and candle holders made be sweet and romantic glass ornaments for any occasion, including weddings. Make the perfect Christmas, Valentine's, or Mother's Day gift with these hanging glass candle holders and terrariums. Many of these designs are fitting as lanterns for tealights and other small candles.

Globular glass tealight candle holders are a popular design among millenial eco-friendly cultural urban gardeners. Frequently, these small glass terrariums are used to display succulents, airplants, and ceramic miniatures. They're fun to customize and they are a popular project for children. 

We also have larger, faceted and geometric designs that work with larger candles, and can display more complex candle arrangements. These faceted geometric terrarium candle holder lanterns also come with chains, making indoor or outdoor installation easy. 

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