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Hurricane Candle Holders

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Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

A swirling storm might seem like an unusual image to pair with candles, but it’s not hard to deduce how the hurricane candle holder (also called hurricane shades or hurricane lamps) got its name. In the realm of home and event decorating, the term “hurricane” typically refers to a glass that shields open flames from drafts. Hurricanes are usually cylindrical, although they can sometimes be curved, but as long as the glass is tall enough to protect candle flames, all other features can vary.

Protection for All Kinds of Candles

Hurricane designs vary based on preferences in candle size as well as practical and aesthetic objectives. People who are simply seeking extra protection for their open flames will likely choose open-ended hurricane shades, which, with the right size, can conveniently slip right over candles and holders with ease. Those who want something with more visual appeal can choose among a multitude of designs: open end hurricanes, curved and flared rims, long and short stemmed holders, square vases, or cylinder vases. And it goes without saying that there’s also a diversity of sizes that can accommodate every type of candle: votive candles, tea lights, floating candles, pillar candles, and candlesticks.

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