Glass Jars and Vases

Glass Jars and Vases
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Glass Vases, Wedding Centerpieces, and Home Decor

Vase Market offers a menagerie of wholesale glass vases design for various uses. Our cheap vases have great value. Every glass jar and vase is made of high quality hand-blown glass. We have glass vases in all sorts of colors, sizes, and shapes. We have tall vases that go as high as 40 inches! We've got apothecary jars, geometric terrarium vases, hurricane vases, and an endless series of cylinder vases of almost every size imaginable. Looking for specific dimensions? There's hardly another place that will have the unique flower vase you're looking for. Whether you are working with a wedding, home re-decoration, a holiday party, or a glass terrarium container display, these glass jars and vases will create wonderful scenes for all seasons and settings.There's no better place for your wholesale vases.

Quality and Function

You'll find that within the Glass Vases category, we also have apothecary jars, glass candle holders, glass cylinder vases, tall glass vases, geometric terrarium containers, and mint julep cups. We often find that the versatility of our glass vases comes in part from the fact that they cannot cleaning fit into any particular category, but are great for multiple functions. For example nearly all of our tall glass vases and glass cylinder vases make excellent hurricane candle holders. Our glass apothecary jars are commonly used as glass candy jars and candy buffet jars, but they're also popular for any wedding or unity sand ceremony. Some even use our apothecary jars and larger glass cylinder vases as glass terrarium containers. 

What Size and Style of Vases Should I Buy?

Different shapes serve different functions. For example, a bud vase is typically a small, minimalist vase that is designed to hold a single flower. We also have many taper-up and flare vase designs (wider opening at the top of the vase, and a narrower body or base), which are commonly chosen for larger top-heavy floral arrangements. Our trumpet vases and clarinet vases are the most popular styles of flare vases for unique bouquets or hanging floral arrangements. Tall and narrow designs (narrow trumpet vases and narrow cylinder vases) are capable of supporting flowers with longer stems. 

To make a proper selection, you have to think about what type of glass vase will work with the flowers you choose, as well as what works with the interior design of your home. You want vases that will compliment your floral designs. Many of our vases follow a simple modern design that works well with ostentatious, explosive and elaborate flower arrangements for centerpieces in your home or for special events such as weddings and corporate parties.

Regardless of your ultimate decorative vision, search for unique flower vases that stand out to you and find a new home for your fresh bouquet or a special decor accent piece to display.