Decorative Tall Glass Vases

Decorative Tall Glass Vases

Decorative tall glass vases are most suitable for celebrations and event decoration. For arrangements of flowers featuring long stem cuts, these tall stem vases are perfect. The all-time favorite cylinder glass vases is the most classic design of our tall vases and floor vases. Many also feature wider openings, some of which even flare out to support flower arrangements that are top-heavy such as our trumpet vases, clarinet vases and reversible vases. We also have uniquely shaped vases including narrow or slender tall vases, also called glass Eiffel tower vases, fitting a subtler elegance. Vase Market also carries more basic modern shapes that, once utilized, through their simplicity and minimalism, accentuate the designs within them. These shapes include our tall glass square vases.

Floor vases are typically defined by a height of 16 inches or taller. Any vase that is shorter may be considered a table vase. Floor vases are different from your casual table-top vase because the height allows for some of these vases (particularly vases with a width of 4 inches or wider) to be placed on the floor, as aisle vases in churches along the sides of pews, or as decorative props lining venue walls. Tall stem vases have the advantage of sheer presence, regardless of their design, easily making decorative tall glass vases the best choice for centerpiece designs at weddings and other events.

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