Unique Vase Wholesale

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13 Item(s)

Unique Glass Vases Wholesale

There are some glass vases that transcend categorization. Here, under our unique collection, you're going to find our most spectacular, innovative glass vase designs! This is the place to be if you want to advance your wedding and event decorative designs to a whole other level.

Get ready to discover some of the weirdest, most brilliant vase designs anywhere. This unique glass vase collection finds a coalescent fusion of modern and vintage styles, allow you a nearly endless supply of options for your dining tables and other spaces. Each glass vase is made of hand-crafted non-porous, lead-free glass. They're bound to last you ages if cared for and protected. Feel free to re-use our dazzling glass vases again and again for your future event decor!


High-End Event Centerpieces with Discounted Pricing

If you're partial to more simplistic designs, consider our oval shaped bullet vase or our hourglass flare vase. These glass vases sport a minimalist modern silhouette, with convex or concave curves depending on your tastes. Both styles are perfect for emphasizing sweet flower buds and blossoming bouquets of fresh flowers. Our solid black flare vases are also spectacular chic modern pieces to behold; perfect for displaying in large rooms or lobbies with welcoming floral displays.

For something more stylistic without being too over-the-top in modern design, Vase Market's wholesale geometric glass vases are becoming 21st century standards for decorating homes, restaurants, businesses, or event venues. These refractive, multi-faceted vases are sculptural in their design, and they scatter light so beautifully in any setting with natural or ambient lighting.