4 Ways to Reinvent Your Wedding Candy Buffet

Candy buffet table

Matching theme color candies and chocolate are among the most popular ways to incorporate a candy buffet table for your wedding reception. If you’re newly engaged and a Pinterest addict like me, I’m sure you’ve already seen (and Pinned) many candy buffet table pictures for inspirations. However, don’t you think that beautiful, color-coordinated candies are used too much too often? While these “traditional” candy buffet jar designs are tried and true; it’s time to throw together something different. Impress your guests with original ideas and get creative with your candy buffet jars your wedding.


4 Ways to Reinvent your Wedding Candy Buffet

1. Create Candy Interactions

In your wedding invitation, include a quick poll for guests with children to suggest their favorite candies. Pick the top 5 candies to buy for your candy buffet jars. Kids would go crazy to see their favorite candies at your reception. This small gesture helps create anticipation and shows thoughtfulness for your wedding guests attending your wedding.

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2. Tell a Candy Story

What are yours and your fiancé’s favorite pastime munchies? Even if it’s not a candy, use it anyway! Did you sprinkle pop corn in his hair while he passed out from one of your chick flicks? Share a (PG-rated) funny personal story of the featured munchies on a small note card and hang it around the candy jar so your guests can learn something about you two as a couple.


3. Present a Candy Mystery

Challenge your nerd guests with a candy mystery. Hundreds of candies are used to fill each candy buffet jar. At the guest check-in table, let the small (and big) kids write down their guesstimates of how many pieces of candy are in each candy jar. During the wedding intermission, have the MC announce a few winners that had the closest guesses for candy jar #1, #2, #3, etc. For the winning prize, you can let the winner take home the jar that he or she guessed right at the end of the night. This mini activity will teach kids (big and small) something about volume and math. Be sure to write the total pieces used for each jar! I recommend taping the answers to the bottom of each candy jar so you won’t lose it for sure.

Easy way to calculate how much candy you put into the candy jars without counting piece by piece:

1)      Weight 10 pieces of the candy on a kitchen food scale: ____ ounce

2)      Put the candy jar on the food scale and hit the “zero” or “tare” button on the food scale.

3)      Carefully pour in the candy filling to the top but leave enough room for the lid to close. Don’t put the lid on.

4)      Write down the weight of the candy in the jar: ____ ounce

5)      Divide the numbers: step 4) divided by step 1) : ____

6)      Multiple the numbers: step 5) x 10 = total pieces of candy

7)      If the answer in step 6) is a decimal number, you can choose to round up or round down.

8)      Put the answer on a small piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of the jar hidden from view.

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4. Add a Non-Candy Twist

Instead of using candies, replace them with dried fruits, nuts, granola, or organic pop corn as healthier alternatives. Health conscious moms would love you for this thoughtful change-up.