Decorative Lights for All Occasions

Have you ever wondered how you can catch fireflies or capture the stars in the sky? How about inviting all the fairies in the mystical world to your garden? How romantic is it if you can have a sky of stars as the backdrop at your wedding? To do any of the above, you would need either a bagful of field specific skills or a truck load of money or a combination of both. Like most people, I don’t have a truck load of money and I don’t have the type of skills to befriend fairies or capture all the stars in the universe. But with a plentiful of creativity and a pinch of money, I can show you how you can invite all the fireflies, fairies and stars in the world for a special appearance at your party.

String Lights Wedding Centerpiece Decoration

Create the illusion of fireflies visiting your wedding centerpiece by putting one to two battery-operated string lights in a bell cloche like the one shown below. Using a glass bell cloche as the casing for the menu adorned with a few of your favorite items, like French macaroon, adds a whimsical and fun touch to your wedding centerpiece; not to mention that it is so much more unique than having only the usual floral arrangement!

 Fairy string lights in glass cloche bell jar as wedding centerpiece

This magical illusion can also be achieved for rustic centerpiece by pairing string lights with mason jars. The small battery pack can be hidden from view by taping it onto the interior side of the lid. These “firefly blessed” mason jars can be used as an accent to a wild posy centerpiece or as the aisle lights illuminating your steps for the walk down the aisle.

 fairy string lights in preservative jar

String lights make any décor more romantic. Put a few string lights into glass lanterns or glass specimen boxes and you’d have a beautiful showpiece for centerpieces or home décor.

 string lights in metal framed glass lanterns

Enhance the look of a classic cylinder vase by wrapping one piece of string light in a spiral around the outside of the glass vase. To hide the battery pack, use a double-sided tape on the flat side of the battery pack and stick in on the inside of the vase rim (be sure to leave ½-1 inch of space between the water and the battery pack). Work the string light around the vase and tape the end to the bottom of the vase to hide any tape from sight. Use a clear wrapping tape along several points along the string light to hold it in place. This 64 inch long string light is long enough to wrap around a vase that is 4 inch wide and 16 inch tall or 5 inch wide and 10 inch tall.

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