Wedding Decoration Ideas with Candle Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces that Steal the Show

Tall stemmed candle holders make the perfect wedding centerpiece because they are ever so versatile. Graceful and simple, tall stemmed candle holders are a stable for wedding centerpiece decorations. One can dress them up for grand gala weddings or keep it casual and laid back for rustic weddings. They can act as vases for the main centerpieces or as complementing accents to the centerpiece. For a grand wedding or gala event, one can use long stem candle holders as vases in alternating heights to present extravagant floral arrangements. This wedding decoration arrangement would be especially charming for long rectangular dinner tables.  The high and low in heights create a natural movement that enhances the dynamics of the wedding centerpiece decoration. Beside the tall floral arrangements, one can add short stem candle holders with floating candles and tea light candles as votives to add softness to the ambience. Since tall stem candle holders are very grand on their own, one can use one color and one type of flower to save on costs. All white or all fuchsia orchids shown in the photo below beautifully demonstrate the simple yet elegant arrangement. For the tallest stemmed candle holder shown in the photo, one can use GFC104/24 or GFC105/24 which have a height of 24 inches; 5 and 6 inch opening, respectively. For the floating candles beside the centerpieces, one can choose from stem candle holders GFC121/12, GFC121/14, or GFC121/16, which have shorter candle “cups” of 4 inch diameter and 12, 14, and 16 inch overall heights, respectively. For the shorter votive candle holders, one can choose from GCH011/04, GCH011/05, GCH011/06, or GCH011/08, which have an opening of 2½ inch (fits standard tea lights) and 3¾, 5, 6¼, and 8 inch heights, respectively.

Tall stemmed candle holder vases with fuchsia orchids on long rectangle tabletall stemmed candle holder vases with white orchids centerpiece on long rectangular table

Perfect Complementing Candle Centerpieces

For laid back day-time events receptions, one can use low lush centerpieces surrounded by three varying height tall stemmed candle holders with floating candles in them for a soft romantic atmosphere. For the wedding centerpiece decorations shown in the photos, one can choose from GFC101, GFC104, or GFC121 series for the surrounding candle holders. The middle centerpiece can be a mix of colorful pastel bouquet or an all pink floral in a white ceramic vase for an easy, soft feel. This simply elegant wedding centerpiece looks soft and romantic during day and warm and welcoming at night.

low lush pink flower trio stemmed candle holder floating candles centerpiecelow lush pastel flowers trio long stem candle holders floating candles centerpiece

Modern Candle Centerpieces

For an outdoor reception, use a same size height tall stemmed candles holders with a 5 inch or 6 inch opening like GFC104/20 and GFC105/20, respectively, adorned with low lush olive leaves and white hydrangeas to create a fresh natural centerpiece. Use white crushed stones or white glass sand as vase fillers with short white candles 3-4 inch tall inside the candle holders for a warm ambience. This centerpiece is the perfect complement for an alfresco evening dinner.

low lush olive leaves white hydrangeas tall stemmed candle holders centerpiece 

Rustic Candle Centerpieces

Another outdoor reception wedding centerpiece idea would be to use alternating height and wideth tall stemmed candle holders wrapped with 1-2 inch wide burlaps to create a rustic wedding centerpiece. Using different types of flowers in each vase adds variety and depth to the centerpiece. To create a more cohesive wedding centerpiece, use only one or two colors for the different flowers like the ones shown in the photo. This arrangement is simple yet elegant and can be easily done DIY style. One can choose from GFC102, GFC104, and GFC105 of the tall stemmed candler series to create this dymanic centerpiece.

 assorted wild white flowers in tall stemmed candle holders wrapped with burlap wedding centerpiece