Fire Glass for Outdoor Fire Pit and Indoor Fireplace

Fire Glass for Outdoor Fire Pit and Indoor Fireplace

After numerous requests from our valued customers (Interior Designer & Contractors), Vase Market developed a whole new line of product, which is the Fire Glass Collection. Fire Glass also known as Fire Pit Glass, Fire Shining Rocks, Lava Rocks, Crushed Tempered Glass, Fireplace glass. These product is widely used for fire pits and fireplaces.

Fire Glass also known as Fire Pit Glass is made from 100% high quality heatproof tempered glass. The glass can stand up to 1400 Fahrenheit with no melting and discolor. As a modern and contemporary home decorator, Black, Clear & Grayish fire glass is my first choice. By putting these beautiful fire glass in my outdoor fire pits, it immediately transform my dull fire pit into a sleek and modern look fire feature. The tempered glass helps create a clean-burning fire. Most importantly, it does not produce any toxic substance, no smoke, no toxic fumes.

Black Color

 Black fire glass

Golden Tea Color

 golden tea fire glass

It's all depends on what kind of setting and feel you want to get. For example, the golden tea fire glass create a warm setting and a exciting mood, the black fire glass create a cool, modern luxurious and relaxing mood. For those home decorators who are seeking for a funkier look fireplace, the reflective fire glass will work. To create the bling effect, the glass maker coats one side of the glass with metallic finished. The reflective coating side creates the mirror effect and this is what makes the glass bling.  

Here is the reflective pacific blue color:

 reflective fire glass

These glass can be used not limited to fireplace and fire pit. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor heating equipment’s. The glass works great for gas fireplaces, natural gas or propane fire bowls as well. Some event decorators even use these fire glass as vase fillers for floral centerpieces. 

Choose from among our most popular color selections in both regular and reflective glass! These fire glass has some of the most aggressive and remarkable pieces. Save even more when you use our discount codes (see the top of the page). There's no better place to get your affordable fire glass than right here on Vase Market!

Colors available are Crystal Clear, Diamond Blue, Midnight Black, Bronze, Golden Tea, Pacific Blue, Gray, Light Green, Aqua Blue.