Decorate Your Home With Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Brand new cracked mercury glass charisma candle holders are now available HERE on Vase Market. Check out our collection of vibrant designs, perfect for the coming holiday events and occasions!

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Check out these gorgeous scorched amber glass mercury candle holders!

Designed for High-Class Stylized Home Decor

We're so happy to introduce this brand new collection of mercury glass candle holders into our line of pillar candle holders. Each unique mercury glass candle holder is sure to be a home and event decor favorite. Notice the bulbous and gentle curves of the clear glass meeting the fabulous, iridescent mercury. Your pillar candles will be overjoyed to find a place in your home or venue! The top of the holder is a round, goblet like cup, containing more than enough space to keep your pillar candle securely in place. Mercury glass is a timeless accent to add to any home or event. When paired with lots of candle light, the vibrant colors of metallic mercury will blow you away! 

These lovely goblet candle holder sets (also called a Charisma candle holder) come in two different textured designs: the cracked (or "crackled") mercury glass design, and ribbed (or "etched") mercury glass design. Each set contains three stemmed mercury glass candle holders with heights of 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. The mercury glass candle holder can come in red, silver, and gold.

Due to the height of these mercury glass candle holders, they could potentially be knocked over. Thus we recommend these mercury glass candle holder sets to be used with an LED light or LED tea light candle as a safety precaution against fire hazard. However, regular tea light candles, and pillar candles that do not exceed 3 inches tall, may still be used.


The Cracked Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Note the carefully created amber color fade gradually into a shimmering gold!The cracked design gives an ancient, antique appearance fitting for setting warm moods.



Volcanic red candle holders are fantastic for Halloween decor!The beautiful dazzling ruby color is bold, passionate, and eye-catching!



The overall pattern of the cracked mercury glass candle holder incorporates speckles of clear glass that allow the candle light within to shine through. These gorgeous mercury glass candle holder sets are made of thick, hand-crafted glass, hand blown by professional craftsmen from Asia. The metallic mercury coloring of the glass is actually inspired by European decorative designs, and the overall goblet shape (or Charisma hurricane candle holder shape), is also an echo of the tastes of ancient European royalty. While they are elegant enough for special occasions, you'll find these mercury glass candle holders are not out of place for every day decorative use.

But as you might have noticed, the shining colors and elegant antique finish is also perfect for seasonal gatherings. Take the amber brown or the volcanic red mercury glass candle holder sets as an example: these boldly colored mercury glass candle holders are positively inspiring for Halloween decoration! Their dark-colored, black glass stems, fusing with crimson or gold, is a great aesthetic for a spooky Halloween home or even decoration. Place pieces of dry ice within the cups and make these mercury glass candle holder sets look like overflowing goblets of magical potions brewed by witches and wizards! The beautiful dazzling amber, gold, and ruby colors are strong, passionate, and eye-catching! Make an amazing Halloween party night with these opulent mercury glass candle holder sets.



This classical bright gold goblet candle holder is perfect for regal settings and grand events!These silver charisma goblet candle holders are highly reflective and dazzling!


You can also prepare yourself for the fall and winter holidays with a touch of a more charming seasonal decor. These crackle gold and silver mercury glass candle holder sets will warm up any autumnal decor with a cheer that lasts the whole season through! Few colors are better suited to tie in the gorgeous changing colors of autumn. Any seasonal gathering will be much cozier with candlelight flickering through the graceful antique metallic finish of our crackle mercury glass candle holder sets. Welcome guests into your home with a cheerful holiday table display decorated with holly, bells, poinsettias, and mercury glass candle holders! These versatile silver and gold mercury glass candle holder sets, staggered to provide a dynamic table arrangement, are perfect for contributing a hint of sparkle for a casual gathering with family, and they can also be used to dress up the decor for an elegant fall dinner! These crackle mercury glass candle holders have clear glass stems and clear glass bases, which allow for the light of any room to be enhanced even further, for a brighter shine!

Each cracked mercury glass candle holder has the same sized cup at the top of the stems, although the height of each candle holder is different. Should you choose to use these mercury candle holders as vases for displaying floral arrangments at your quinceanera, debutante ball, gala, or wedding, this makes it easy to design the same sized arrangement for each holder. These metallic glass candle holders would make a truly unique and stunning centerpiece display when utilizing the stair-stepping design of each trio of mercury glass candle holders.


The Ribbed Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Silver Ribbed Mercury Glass Candle Holders - Perfect for pillar candles!This gold ribbed mercury glass candle holder set is a great supplement to our other designs!


These beautiful antique silver and gold candle holder sets have a ribbed or etched texture to the glass in addition to the mercury looking finish, giving these stemmed candle holders a vintage looks that fits in perfectly with both themed or generic party decorations. Each etched mercury candle holder carries a simultaneous roughness and refinement that few other types of home decor can pull off. This aristocratic mid-century style ribbed mercury glass candle holder will beautifully house your candle light or LED lights for general decor or fabulous wedding decor. Note that the metallic mercury texture, color, and pattern are only present at the top of the glass candle holder. The stems and feet of the ribbed mercury glass candle holder are constructed of completely clear glass, enhancing the glow and bringing a touch of modernity to your holiday or wedding decorations. You definitely don't have to use these goblet mercury glass candle holder sets exclusively for candles! Within the cup at the top, they have an interior height of 4.5 inches, and an interior width spanning 3.5 to 3.75 inches. They can make really sweet holders for floral centerpiece arrangements! They can be displayed on dining tables, coffee tables, half-moon foyer tables, or console tables.


This color and design of the ribbed mercury glass candle holder collection is a favorite for holiday decor!Looking closely, you can see metallic silver running up and down between the crimson red glass.

This crimson color and design of this dazzling red ribbed mercury glass candle holder collection is a favorite for Christmas or winter holiday decor! Looking closely, you can see metallic silver running up and down between the crimson red glass. If you surround this set of red mercury glass candle holders with bright holiday florals, frosted greenery, and other winter aesthetics, you can definitely make these goblet mercury glass candle holders POP with a bright and joyful invitation for holiday spirit and cheer. Outside of the winter holidays, this set of mercury glass candle holders is also wonderful as a gift or as a decoration for various occasions, including house warming parties, weddings, Valentine's day, or Mother's day. 

NOTE:  Each product is handmade glass which adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Slight variations may occur with handmade products.



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