DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

Birch Planter with Fuchsia Orchids and Moss

Gone are the days when any bunch of red roses will impress a lady. In the 21st century, career women and full-time homemakers alike are seeing more of the world through social media. People are not living under a rock anymore, so don’t treat them like they are. This Valentine’s Day, really try to impress her with what’s trending now – a rustic birch wrapped planter featuring her favorite posy or plant. Birch bark wrapped planters are loved by women of all ages because each one is unique. The best thing about these birch wood vases is that they are so easy to customize and everyone can do it at home! Remember the days when you would painstakingly carve yours and her initials enclosed with a heart and arrow on a tree bark to proclaim your innocent affection? Let’s throw back and relive that innocent moment but in a much, much easier way! No knives needed, I promise.  

All you need is:

1. Birch wrapped planter set from
2. Dark brown markers
3. A Heart stencil
4. Her favorite flower plant or fresh cut flowers



 1-2-3 Steps:

1. Handwrite yours and her initials on the flattest surface of the birch vase.
2. Place the heart stencil over the initials and trace it carefully.
3. Adorn the container with plants or fresh cut flowers.


Birch Wood Vase Sizes:

All the birch planters from are zinc containers lined with paper birch bark. Zinc is durable and prevents the birch bark from water damage. The featured birch wrapped zinc pots set comes in three sizes. The large one measures 9 inches tall with a diameter of 8 inch and tapers down to a 6 inch wide base. The medium one measures 8 inches tall with a diameter of 7 inch and tapers down to a 4 ¾ inch wide base. The small one measures 7 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inch and tapers down to a 4 ¼ inch wide base. This set of 3 planters will help you “kill 3 birds with 1 stone.” Put a smile on the three most important women in your life. Everyone’s heard of “happy wife, happy life.” However, have you heard of “happy mother” and “happy mother-in-law?” Trust me, if you can make these two women equally happy, both you and your wife will live long and happy lives.


One other plus for getting a birch wrapped vase? Each vase is wrapped with real paper birch bark. The bark colors vary from cream white to dark brown. You could feel the different textures of each bark and see the beautiful patterns on every vase. Boyfriends, husbands, lovers and sons, show the significant women in your lives how special and unique they are with a birch bark planter her favorite fresh cut arrangements like those featured here. Every single piece is as unique as your sweetheart. Beautiful planters promise more flowers to come; now isn’t that more promising?