clear candy buffet jars filled with candies, chocolate, or sweet & savory snacks.

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How much candy do you need to fill candy buffet jars?

How much candy do you need to fill candy buffet jars?

Candy buffet table, aka candy buffet bar, has become an increasingly popular trend for wedding receptions, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, company holiday parties and any other parties you can think of. The candy buffet table is usually an ensemble of a decorated long rectangular table with arrangements of at least five or more clear candy buffet jars filled with candies, chocolate, or sweet & savory snacks. The most popular containers used for candy buffet jars are also known as apothecary jars, other variety of glass containers used are bubble fish bowls, pedestal cylinder vases or other clear glass vessels. The candy buffet table is further embellished by themed décor items such as sea shells, teddy bear, flowers, pearls or rhinestones accessories to match the host’s personal style.

The candy buffet is the part of the party where guests are invited to throw themselves back to indulge in enticing sweet treats. Guests are welcomed to take the candy home as their party favor or instantly enjoy them during the party. Even those who do not have a big sweet tooth could not resist the vibrant colors and the beautifully arranged candy buffet. One will sure to snap one, two or many photos of the candy buffet table to share with Facebook friends, flaunt on Instagram and Pinterest. The candy buffet table may be the most looked-forward-to part of any party for guests of all ages! 

Candy buffet tables have almost become a standard component in wedding receptions. As surveys conducted by indicate, one of the top 8 wedding trends in 2012 was "Year of the guest. Brides are concentrating on creating an experience for guests." Similar annual surveys conducted in the last three years showed a steady trend of increasing emphasis on the guest's experience; guest entertainment was on the top wedding trends in both 2011 and 2010. More interestingly, "booming budget" was one of the top 8 trends observed in 2012 weddings while 1 in 4 surveyed brides DIY. In other words, more brides were spending more money to entertain their guests as well as personally making their own wedding elements such as party favors and setting up the candy buffet table as part of their guest entertainment. 

With a hectic schedule and a never ending to-do list to make their wedding day perfect, brides don't have the leisure to calculate how much candy is needed to fill each candy buffet jar. There are so many styles and sizes of candy buffet jars (apothecary jars) to choose from, DIY brides and busy party planners alike may be quickly overwhelmed by the vast selection. For a less frantic candy buffet table planning experience, DIY brides and party planners can take advantage of the apothecary jar guide below to get the most sweets for their dough: spend less, fill more!

 60 Fluid Oz Jar GAJ108/1080 Fluid Oz Jar GAJ113

*When using this apothecary jar guide, keep in mind that the volume in gallon or liters was measured by how much water the jar held. You can get an idea of how many (US) pounds of the different candies you chose are needed simply by using an empty 1-gallon milk bottle or a 2-liter soda bottle as a point of reference.

128 fluid oz = 1 gallon

68 fluid oz = 2 liters

With their increasing popularity and demand, candy buffet jars aka apothecary jars, are seen in many online stores and home décor stores. However, the one online store that carries the largest selection of apothecary jars is now carries 30 different styles of apothecary jars for your candy buffet needs. Most of the apothecary jar styles you find on come in two sizes, a small version and a large version. Check out their candy buffet jar selection to find the perfect apothecary jar for your occasion!


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