Rustic Wedding Favor Ideas

Rustic Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favors that Speak You

Wedding favors are the small thank-you gifts to show your appreciation for your guests attending your wedding.  Family and friends take these wedding favors home with them along with the joyful memory of the wonderful time that they had at your wedding. If chosen thoughtfully, wedding favors add sophisticated finishing touches and can earn you many praises from your guests. Even if you say you could care less about what your guests think, believe me, you want to care.  I have been to enough weddings to say that every single detail of your wedding would be scrutinized by somebody, especially extended families. You’d want to represent both yours and his family well on this important day that marks the joining of two families. So pick a wedding favor that is congruent to your theme but more importantly, it should speak who you are as a couple. Guests enjoy learning more about the newlyweds through small details of the wedding.

Wedding Favors Ideas for Rustic Weddings

 As the Maker Movement continues to gain momentum, DIY wedding favors are gaining ground more than ever. Self-reliant brides-to-be who enjoy exercising their creative muscles not only strive to orchestra a fun experience for their guests during the day of the wedding but also would search far and wide for DIY ideas to create unique wedding favors that their guests can take with them that lasts beyond the wedding day. If you consider yourself a DIY bride, then you’d like these wedding favor ideas.

For a rustic theme wedding, I recommend using distressed zinc containers for your wedding favors to enhance to the theme. The hand painted tarnished look of these ridged petite zinc containers are to die for if you’re trying to create a down-to-earth laidback atmosphere. These small aged zinc containers emulate naturally aged pot weathered by rain. You can create a French countryside wedding reception using these versatile zinc containers to heighten the carefree rustic wedding ambience.

Succulents in tarnished zinc pot

5 ways to feature distressed zinc containers for your wedding:

1. As a petite succulent pot
2. As a tea light candle holder
3. As a bud vase for budding seeds or garden picked flowers
4. As a holder for homemade soap or candles
5. As a tall cupcake holder

Succulents in tarnished zinc pot close up

Featured here is a 3 inch tall by 3 inch wide ridged rustic zinc container

The bottom of this zinc container is sealed so it is waterproof. The great thing about zinc containers is that they are practically shatterproof and lightweight. 

 Distressed Zinc Container Close Up