CCN, consumers are spending nearly $2 billion dollars on flowers, of which 64% of men and 36% of women contribute to this amount for Valentine's Day. In this money crunched economy, with the minimum wage increased and the cost of goods going up, consumers are more meticulous of how and where they spend their money and whether they're getting the most bloom from their green. As a wise business owner, one must become well adapt to the changing economy and modify one's products to best suit customers' spending habits. 

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Valentine's Day Flower Arrangement Ideas with Trumpet Vases

Valentine's Day Flower Arrangement Ideas with Trumpet Vases

Valentine's Day, besides Mother's day, is one of the busiest holidays for florists. It is the season for love: to chase new affections and to rekindle old passions. According to CCN, consumers were predicted to spend nearly $2 billion dollars on flowers, of which 64% of men and 36% of women contribute to this amount for Valentine's Day. In this money crunched economy, with the minimum wage increased and the cost of goods going up, consumers are becoming more meticulous in how and where they spend their money and whether they're getting the most bloom from their green if they were to purchase flower arrangements this Valentine's Day. Base on the infographic provided by below, the money people in the U.S. plan to spend on flowers is the third highest amount following behind an evening out and with jewelry in the number spot. As a wise business owner, if you can become well adapt to the changing economy and modify your products to best suit consumers' spending habits, you can win over businesses from your potential customers. 

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For customers who are willing to spend the money for an extraordinary bouquet of flowers, don't disappoint them. Bring out your best arrangements and blow them away. Leave them no reason to walk away from your meticulously arranged bouquet. However, a beautiful bouquet is not complete until it is set in the "right" vase. I'd like to think of vases are like the shoes for a girl. The style of the shoes will make or break a girl's outfit. If paired well, a girl would exude effortless confidence, standing tall and walking proud. If paired wrong, a girl’s self-esteem would be diminished, showing uncomfortable postures and would shrink into her own shadows. Don’t do this to your gorgeous bouquet; give it what it deserves so it can “walk” out of your shop proud and confident. Your Valentine’s Day bouquet deserves the high heels of glass vases. Give your bouquet trumpet vases; they are the high heels of glass vases.

Trumpet Vase Basics
Trumpet vases are inverted triangle shaped vessels with rims that can be flared or have a straight edge. Most trumpet vases stand on a proportioned round base for stability. Basic trumpet vases are sometimes referred to as pilsner or clarinet vase. Clear glass trumpet vases are by far the most floral-arrangement-friendly vessels because their widen opening allow any bouquet to cast into a blossoming silhouette effortlessly. Through innovative designing and modern modifications, reversible trumpet vases were introduced to give those who want a little something extra in trumpet vases. Reversible trumpet vases are two inverted triangle vases joined at the center with a round glass ball or an oval glass disk. Reversible trumpet vases are flattering to many floral designs especially for wedding table centerpieces because their mirroring base to the top creates complimenting lines to the intricate arrangement. The glass ball at the center of the vase is an eye magnet. People's attention will involuntarily be drawn to the arrangement. Your centerpiece bouquet would not be bypassed unnoticed using reversible trumpet vases. 

Trumpet vases, infinitely versatile, are truly impressive to both senders and recipients alike. They pairss beautifully with all types of floral arrangements ranging from extravagant, classy, shabby chic to modern designs.

Extravagant Elegance
If the senders are those who really want to impress their significant other this Valentine’s Day, recommend them something like this white hydrangea and purple Dendrobium orchid arrangement in a 24 inch tall 6 inch opening reversible trumpet vase. The white hydrangea creates an immediate focal point for the eyes. The long stemmed orchids extend the bouquet even further by 10 to 15 inches; it sure would reach a “money-well-spent” height. This clear reversible trumpet vase offers an interesting hourglass-like shape vessel for the bouquet. The final product is a simply stunning bouquet that would take anyone’s breath away. One may turn the base up to use the shorter end as the opening for an alternate look. Senders and recipients alike would sure be impressed by this type of floral design. For a vase that is comparable and perhaps even exceeds this reversible trumpet, I recommend GTR163 from

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Classy Elegance
This blossoming bouquet featuring green hydrangea and white lily is classy at its purest. White flowers are said to speak innocence and untainted purity. This bouquet would be the perfect arrangement for those who wishes to initiate new beginnings. This 20 inch tall 8 inch opening flared trumpet vase compliments long-stem fresh cuts beautifully. The subtly flared rim and the rounded body of this trumpet vase create a desirable silhouette for many long-stem fresh cut flowers including calla lilies and peony. The soft white and bright lime green color palette is sure to lighten up anyone’s face. No matter which room or office this bouquet is in, anyone who sees it would get an instant mood lift. To create the same silhouette in smaller scales, try a 16 inch tall and 8 inch opening flared trumpet vase or a 14 inch tall and 7 inch opening flared trumpet vase.

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Simple Elegance
For senders shopping for someone with a modest personality and prefers things simple, try an unadorned single-type flower arrangement like these dark purple tulips in this 16 inch tall 8 inch opening flared trumpet vase; it would win over anyone’s heart. Did you know that the language of flowers was originated in Ottoman Turkey in the early 18th century? The court in Constantinople was especially obsessed with tulips. Specific floral arrangements in the Victorian era were used to send secret messages to the recipient, allowing the sender to convey feelings which could not be spoken aloud in the Victorian society. For those on a smaller budget, recommend them single type flowers or simpler arrangements in a trumpet vase. As an added bonus, let them know what secret code your arrangement would be conveying to the recipient. This way, your customers sure will appreciate your extra effort to allow them give “more” but spending less.

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If your customers want a little more, ask them to pick one color (perhaps the recipient’s favorite color) for the main flower and accent it with a complimenting color like the fire orange blooms paired with a few yellow tulips in this arrangement. This arrangement is still elegant yet simple.

Photo Source: Google Images

Shabby Chic Elegance
For those who have a weakness for the recently trending shabby chic style, an arrangement of red roses in a silver trumpet vase would call for every onlooker’s attention. The bold red color expresses passion and desire while the silver vase ties the arrangement together elegantly for a romantic display of affection.

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