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Get ready to put on a magnificent ceremony for one of the best days of your life
(Image: Wedding centerpiece vases using cylinder glass vases filled with pink roses and pink hydrangeas)

Engagement season is coming in fast and competeition among engaged brides for the best deals is going to be fierce. If you want to get ahead and obtain quality wholesale wedding vases and wholesale party supplies, now is the time to begin your search. Start prepping for your wedding before the season really takes off. You'll not only have aquired everything you need at the lowest possible prices, but you'll be ready to put on a magnificent ceremony for one of the best days of your life.

Of course, what you want to acheive will depend on your venue as well as your own personal style. If you're still figuring that out, we've got a few tips on what you can focus on when it comes to decorating your special day with wholesale glass vases.


1. Courtyard and Church Pew Aisle Vases

Bring a sense of grandeur with tall floor vases aligned with the aisle runner
(Image: Tall reversible clarinet glass trumpet floor vasesplaced on wood blacks and aligned with the aisle runner)

Even before the reception, the ceremony need not be neglected in terms of decoration, especially if you've got a large venue space such as an outdoor location (beach, park, garden, or courtyard). Take these wholesale 23.5 inch tall clarinet reversible glass trumpet vases. They've got an angelic curvy design, with a capsule-like space made to proudly display its contents, which the planners took full advantage of, as anyone can see from the image above.

(Image: For a very small wedding, simply framing the bridal walkway at the start with two large tapered cylinder floor vases is no less grand.)

If your ceremony is for a small, close-knit crowd of friends and family, rather than spending large on several vases for the aisles, simply pour your efforts into two large vases at the start of the aisle runner (in the case of the image above, the boardwalk). It's a great budgetable choice that looks decpetively lofty enough to be hardly modest.

2. Wedding Vases for Circular Tables

(Image: Glass cylinder vase wholesale wedding centerpiece with small votive candles. A classic look. Simple and elegant.)

The classic glass cylinder vase placed at the very center of a round table is not a groud-breaking decorative innovation. But it's an easy choice that gives the user opportunities to keep the decorating process simple, while keeping things looking far from plain once the right elements of beauteous bouquets and comely candle light.


(Image: A larger circular table can accommodate something that doesn't need to be tall, such as a wide cylinder glass vase.)

The bigger the table, the more space you have to work with. Rather than always gravitating towards towering centerpieces, a short, but nonetheless breathtaking floral centerpiece can still make a formidable impression on your guests.

(Image: There are unexpected uses to be found in our wholesale apothecary jars that can allow for a more unique, but not overly eccentric centepiece.)

Apothecary candy jars, while popular for actual candy buffet set-ups for weddings and birthdays, can still serve as beautiful wholesale decorative centerpieces. In the image above, the creative decorators added lights inside to illuminate the plants within. They also added something dark in the lid and at the bottom of the jar to obscure the presence of the bulb.


3. Wedding Vases for Long Tables

(Image: Next ot the dining sets are asymmetrical glass bowls w/ clear marble and raindrop vase fillers, & small glass dome cloche with rose buds.)

Long tables are delightful decorating canvases for those who have the vision for it. On top of a neat, organized set up for tableware, food, and cutlery, the wholesale decorative centerpieces (although they are rarely every purely in the center as they would be on a round table) can serve to enhance the themes of the event. They demonstrate that the gathering of people is in fact for an important event, and they enliven attendees into a potential topic of conversation, one that they might not be able to resist if the wholesale centerpiece arrangements are perfected.

Compelling tabletop decor relies on matching the floral color schemes with the rest of the decor around the venue and making use of interesting vessels that augment their contents. The table above shows several different types of wholesale glass vases. While the each piece can be considered starkly different from one another in design, they are unified by the consistent romantic spring color arrangements (of pink and red roses mixes with some purple and yellow inserted between). The greenery gives a complementary design that anchors the colors down against the wholesale clear glass vases, clear vase filler pebbles, and white tablecloth.

(Image: Water filled glass bubble bowl centerpiece vases with single stems curled into the bowl.)

Of course, consistency can still be brought on by using a regular pattern of vases and candles. In the example above, the designer used large wholesale glass bubble bowls vases, partially filled with water, and a single magnolia bud in a curving elegant cage of long green lily grass blades. Interspersed between the bowls on the long table runner are stemmed candles holders, deliberately in arranged in a dynamic layout of varying heights.

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