Delicate Stems: Vase Market's Beautiful Long Stem Glass Candle Holders

Wedding Tabletop Decorations: The Optimization of Light Using Stemmed Glass Candle Holders

If you’ve ever been to a fantastic wedding, you probably know that it takes only a combination of small and clever elements to create just the right ambiance. Some go for warm and romantic. Others prefer bright and celebratory. And the ambiance you aim for can easily be reached with just a few tips and a little guidance on how to control and optimize light. Here at Vase Market, we are all about giving you the best possible options suitable for a variety of styles for home and event decoration. Today’s topic is about utilizing our our popular short stem and long stem glass candle holders in tandem with just a couple low budget tricks to create the perfect romantic ambiance with light. 

Elegant Stemmed Glass Candle Holder Trio - GCH333-334-335

Stemmed glass candle holders make the perfect wedding centerpiece because they are ever so versatile. Graceful and simple, tall stem glass candle holders are a staple for wedding centerpiece decorations. One can dress them up for grand gala weddings or keep it casual and laid back for rustic weddings. They can act as vases for the main centerpieces or as complementing accents to the centerpiece. Long stem glass candle holders help to spread ambient candle light at weddings, debuts, and other special events! We offer so many styles and sizes that can accomodate different types of candles. Many long stem candle holders are suitable for the most popular sizes of tealights, votive candles, pillar candles, and floating candles. 


Stem Glass Candle Holders for Tealight and Votive Candles

 Both clear and frosted white glass stemmed votive candle holders are excellent for tealights and LED candles!Our high-quality hand-crafted glass stemmed candle holders make beautiful shimmering displays under warm and ambient lighting

Among our long stem glass candle holders designed for small candles, or even handmade votive candles, we have a special matching set of holders that come in two different sizes. We have 7.5 inch stemmed glass candle holders and a 9 inch stemmed glass candle holders, made of delicate hand-crafted high-end glass, with a simple vertical cylinder cup. The cups can come in frosted white or crystal clear. These lovely glass stemmed candle holders make beautiful shimmering displays under warm and ambient lighting.


Stem Glass Candle Holders for Floating Candles and Pillar Candles

Our stemmed glass pillar candle holders are hand-crafted with the highest quality of tempered glass!Take a closer look, and you can see the extreme clarity and smoothness of the glass!

For those looking for stem glass candle holders with wider openings that are better suited for larger tealights, floating candles, and store bought pillar candles, we have a huge variety. For a more delicate appearance, Vase Market offers special sets of 3 that create dynamic tabletop candle arrangements. Our most popular designs are the semi-tapered cup stemmed glass candle holders with 3" diameter opening, the wide-lipped 3.5" diameter stemmed glass candle holders, and the elegant 4" wide contemporary stemmed glass candle holder trio. See the images below.

 Glass Stemmed Candles Holder Set of 3 - 4Stemmed Holder Set of 3. H-8Long Stem Glass Candle Holder Set of 3. H-12


Hurricane Stem Glass Candle Holders

Our largest and tallest long stem candle holders work best as glass hurricane candle holders for pillar candles and floatings candles, but because of their substantial size, they also work well as for interesting floral arrangements, tabletop floral bouquets, and floral centerpieces for weddings and other events (see the example below). You can learn more about arranging fantastic bouquets here.

These Long Stem Glass Candle Holder Sets can hold your candles OR your flowers for special events or home decor!

We have several different contemporary and modern designs among these hurricane stem glass candle holders that come in varying opening diameters and heights: 3.5 inch wide, 5 inch wide, and 6 inch wide stemmed glass candle holders. All come in heights of 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. We also have 14 inch and 17 inch tall cylinder hurricane vase stemmed glass candle holders with significantly shorter stems (about 1 inch long).



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