There are many different shapes and sizes of vases used for wedding centerpiece seen today. The most commonly used clear glass vases for wedding centerpieces include cylinder vases, square (block) vases, and trumpet vases. Cylinder vases are often used for contemporary minimalist designs. Cube or block vases are seen most for neutral and modern styles. Trumpet vases, also known as pilsner or clarinet vases, are by far the most expressive and elegant glass vases for wedding receptions. One reason for their popularity is because of their generous variations in shapes that still bare the trumpet silhouette. These options make pairing to each individual bride's unique taste a breeze. Another reason that trumpet vases win the hearts of both brides and designers are their beautiful silhouettes. I would describe them as having the ethereal body of a mermaid. If you are dreaming of a princess-like wedding, it wouldn't be complete without trumpet vases for the floral decor and centerpieces. 

Trumpet vases come in many varieties. The clean lines and modest shape of an inverted elongated triangle is a great introductory vase for brides who want simple elegance in their wedding centerpieces. The thicken glass at the foot creates a stable base to counter balance top-heavy arrangements. This basic trumpet vase (style no. GTR134) is 20 inch tall 4 inch opening and base. Taller versions of this trumpet vase come in (style no. GTR135) 24 inch tall 4 inch opening 5 inch base and (style no. GTR136) 32 inch tall 4 inch opening 6 inch base. For a shorter but wider opening variation, a 18 inch tall 6 inch opening and base trumpet vase is available (GTR148).

Photo Source: Pinterest20-inch-tall-straight-trumpet-vase

If you want a little more, one may opt for a subtly flared rim trumpet vase. The immediate narrowing of the neck and the body of the vase helps to hold long stem flowers and wood branches in place without using a lot of them. The flared opening also gives the arrangement a blossoming silhouette. The flared trumpet vase recommended for this arrangement is (style no. GTR138) 16 inch tall 8 inch opening at the widest ends. For a smaller scale variation, a 12 inch tall 5 inch opening at the widest ends is available (style no. GTR137). 

Photo Source: Pinterest

For larger and more dramatic arrangements, a wide rimmed trumpet vase is optimal. The wider rim offers more "surface area" in the opening to hold larger top-heavy bouquets. The straight, subtly tapering down body of vase offers a visual balance to the top emphasized bouquet. The suggest trumpet vase for this arrangement is (style no. GTR104/30) 30 inch tall 6 inch opening and base. A taller variation is 36 inch tall 7 inch opening 6 inch base (style no. GTR104/36).

Photo Source: Pinterest30-inch-tall-flare-rim-trumpet-vase

If you want a romantic elegant look, a curvier trumpet vase is recommended. Curvy trumpet vases offer a flared rim with a rounded body on a small pedestal. With the appropriate floral arrangement, one can incorporate romantic elegant or traditional elegant designs using curvy trumpet vases. The taller elongate curvy trumpet vase suggested for this arrangement is 25 inch tall 6 inch opening (style no. GTR143). Two shorter versions of this trumpet vase are available in 21 inch tall 5 inch opening (style no. GTR142) and 17 inch tall 4 inch opening (style no. GTR141). For shorter and wider versions of trumpet vase in this design, a 14 inch tall 7 inch opening (style no. GTR144) and 16 inch tall 7 inch opening (style no. GTR145) are available.

Photo Source: Pinterest25-inch-tall-round-body-flared-rim-trumpet-vase20-inch-tall-flared-rim-round-body-trumpet-vase

If you're looking to create a wow factor, for an over-the-top centerpiece show stopper, reversible trumpet vases are your ideal vases. The jewel-like glass ball in the center or near center of the vase creates a natural focal point that draws the eyes to the vase and slowly up to the floral arrangement. The reversible feature of these trumpet vases offers you two options to play with for your final design: a shorter top and a longer bottom or a longer top and a shorter bottom. The two versions actually gives off a different vibe for each design, so don't be afraid to switch it up to see which one you love. If you love them both, alternate them for your reception for a more eclectic feel. The recommended reversible trumpet vase for this design is 24 inch tall 6 inch opening and base (style no. GTR161). Two taller versions of this reversible trumpet vase are available in 36 inch tall 9 inch opening and base (style no. GTR162) and 27 inch tall 10 inch opening 6.5 inch base (style no. GTR163).

Photo Source: Pinterest24-inch-tall-reversible-trumpet-vase

Money saving tips:

1. Ask your floral designer to reuse the aisle arrangements for the ceremony as some of the centerpieces for your reception.

2. Do not attempt to make these intricate centerpieces on your own. It's worth every penny to ask a professional to do the job... 

3. Unless you only use long wood branches and long stem flowers to do an arrangement the traditional way, meaning you won't be trying to balance a big ball of top-heavy flowers on a narrow vase. 


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