Glass Apothecary Jars

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Glass Apothecary Jars

Apothecary candy jars are classic and vintage style vessels. While they are ornamental in nature, these glass apothecary jars feature strong, chip-resistant glass and durable bases, making them functional pieces. These beautifully designed apothecary jars make fabulous containers for artistic, unique, and aesthetic displays for sand, shells, scented wood and dry wild flowers, figurines and miniatures, and other dry decorations. Because the loose lid design helps to control interior humidity, these apothecary jars are also commonly used as terrarium containers and planters for indoor gardening.

For Bathroom and Kitchen Storage and Organization

While tastefully decorative for your modern style household, many of these glass apothecary jars are more than suitable as bathroom canisters, kitchen canisters, and spice jars for keeping your living and cooking spaces neat.  Each glass apothecary jar comes with a loose fitted lid and depending on the size and style you choose, can store or display just about everything from dry food kitchen ingredients like candy, cookies, spices, and dry pasta; to bathroom items such as bath salts, cotton balls, makeup, soaps, towels; to novelty items like Christmas ornaments, coin collections, fancy candles, rocks and minerals, seashells and more!  These apothecary jars can display pretty much anything in your house you can think of that needs an organizational and cosmetic, decorative touch.

Whatever you decide to fill them with, you will discover a great number of ornamental and unique apothecary candy jars right here on Vase Market.

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