Tall Clarinet Reversible Vase

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)

Tall Reversible Vases: Clarinet Vase and Trumpet Vase Design

A selection of different styles of extra tall clarinet reversible glass vases: 16 inch tall vases, 20 inch tall vases, 23.5 inch tall vases, 24 inch tall vase, 27 inch tall vases, to 36 inch tall vases.

Glass clarinet and trumpet vases are extremely popular choices for wedding centerpieces. Their length and their bold and stable shape are the perfect match for large and grand events. In some places, these hourglass shaped vases are also called mirror vases or garnier vases. One of the fun advantages of the clarinet trumpet vases is their ability to display different sized arrangements. Because they have two bell-shaped ends, flower arrangements can be nestled into either opening, thus making these vases "mirrored" or "reversible". If you fill the smaller bell with an arrangement that drapes over the length of the vase, its silhouette is like that of a slender figure in a long dress and wearing a veil. Fitting for matrimonial celebrations, don't you think?

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