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Tall Cylinder Vase

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19 Item(s)

Tall Cylinder Vases

Our towering vases can come in many unique shapes, but the classic cylinder vase is a shape that will always remain in demand. It's satisfying symmetry never gets old, and the only limit to their use is in individual imagination.

If you've visited Vase Market before and browsed our cylinder vase collection, you'll know that we have a HUGE variety. Almost every combination of width and height of cylinder is available to serve your specific decorating needs. Our most slender vases (around 4" to 5" in diameter) are the most popular choice for dining table centerpiece arrangements. Among these slimmer vases, we have an excellent selection of taller dimensions (22"24"26", and 28"). Among our widest vases are include 8" diameter vases10" diameter vases and 12" diameter vasesOur medium sized cylinder vases are around 6" in diameterAmong our tallest sizes include 24"26"32", and even 40" tall! Because these vases can be incredibly tall, they're often used as lobby and floor vases. 

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