Introducing Vase Market's new Geometric Glass Vase Ruby Collection

Introducing Vase Market's new geometric Ruby Collection!

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Geometric Red Glass Vases: A Study In Crimson

Introducing Vase Market's new Geometric Glass Vase Ruby Collection

If you've seen our previous set of Clear Geometric Glass Vases, then you might find that Vase Market's new geometric Ruby Collection has a very similar look. The difference? We're introducing both old and new designs that come in staggering bold ruby red. This new set of modern crimson geometric red glass vases come in 5 unique abstract designs: the dodecahedron vase, the ribbed vase, the rosebud vase, the argyle vase, and the origami vase.


Geometric Red Glass Vases


These sprayed painted geometric red glass vases are completely transparent, but they each shine with a beautiful blood red color that turns these vases into inspired decorative accents to any style of interior design and home decoration. Your style can be abstract, vintage, or eclectic, and you'll find that combined with good contrasting elements, such as solid colored flowers and dark backgrounds, these geometric red glass vases will adapt perfectly within the space as floral vases or even as candle holders. As table vases, you can enhance your home with this expressive modern accent.

Made of hand crafted glass and then hand painted with a bold crimson colorThe beautiful blood red color can make an inspired decorative accent to any style of interior design

Whether you're looking for a gorgeous gift for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or decorating for Christmas, these geometric red glass vases will charm your receiver and blow away your guests.



Stained Glass Styling Inspiration


Each facet of these beautiful geometric red glass vases brings out a different shade of color, accentuating the curves and bends in the glass. In examining the shape of each vase, one could see the different inspirations that brought these designs to life. The Geometric Red Glass Vase Dodecahedron features the well-loved modern honeycomb shape (identical to our clear geometric glass vase dodecahedron)

ARGYLE: Much like our Clear Argyle Glass Vase, this vase has a similar design and a 3 inch wide hexagon openingROSEBUD: Our smaller version of the Argyle Red Vase has a 2.25 inch wide hexagon opening


Meanwhile, the Geometric Red Glass Vase Rosebud and the Red Glass Vase Argyle have alternating diamond pattern dimples around the red glass, but the Rosebud is smaller and noticeably tapers up to the rim. 

RIBBED: Our new Red Ribbed design features wavy, rippling glass that forms a star/flower shaped openingORIGAMI: This Red Vase opens up in a wide hexagon, capable of supporting full and dense floral arrangements

Our new Geometric Red Glass Ribbed Vase design features wavy, rippling glass that forms a star flower shaped opening, while the Geometric Red Glass Vase Origami has a design that is inspired by a particular invention of Japanese paper folding

You can’t go wrong with a pop of blooming crimson red, and there's nothing more compelling than the mathmatical abstract shape of these Modern Geometric Red Glass Vases.



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