The Craftsman’s Dream: Unfinished Hardwood Balls

When it comes to beautifying your home, Vase Market has always been a tremendous source of essential, high-quality, and affordable decorative accents for the tasteful homemaker. Every day we find new ways to make the experience even more affordable, interesting, and easy for the sharpest and most creative of decorators. Today, we hope to challenge the casual homemaker to reimagine and reinvent home decorating through simple craft projects that our new collection of Unfinished Hardwood Balls are sure to inspire.

Natural Unfinished Wood Ball

Our wood balls come in several different sizes (diameters of 1 inch1.25 inches1.5 inches2 inches2.5 inches3 inches3.5 inches4 inches4.5 inches, and 5 inches). Natural unfinished wood balls are also ideal for numerous craft projects, including sculpting, toy making, and architectural work and designs. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, there are a variety of fun and creative applications to each size of ball that we offer.

The earthy and unpolished design the wood ball is a fitting accent that enhances the industrial style often found in contemporary loft apartments, modern homes, and commercial spaces. Leave them as they are, and they’re well suited for the popular rustic-industrial style that’s been taking the world by storm. To develop this style, you can try making striking displays by placing various sizes of wood balls in decorative metal bowls and plates or rattan baskets.

We often see wood, combined with metal, as a key feature of the industrial style of interior design

The Woodcraft Tradition

But if you’re an artist at heart, then from a more imaginative perspective every unfinished wood ball is a blank canvas of opportunity. Sand down and polish these balls for a smooth vintage looking piece, or paint them in whatever color you desire. Print and paint words and designs to custom make your own vase fillers, lottery balls, or personalized gifts for friends and family.

There are also many vintage games, toys, and sports that require spherical objects to play. For example, with the smaller size balls (2.5” and 3”), you can try painting your own old-fashioned croquet, golf, or pool balls. Our wood balls also make great substitutes and replacements for various children’s toys that require balls for play. With larger wood balls (4”, 4.5”, and 5”), you include them in DIY vintage-style bowling sets.

A beautiful display of hand-painted vintage pool balls

If your vision for handmade wood ornaments involves greater complexity, our unfinished hardwood balls are more than ready to meet the challenge. With the right set of tools, one is perfectly capable of drilling holes for hooks or to transform our wooden balls into beads. There are so many different things you can make, such as doll heads, toys, and ornaments. Want some inspiration? Try creating hand painted tree ornaments of the Scandinavian tradition.

Beautifully hand-painted tree ornaments

When it comes to complex wood sculpting, it goes without saying that these balls of every size can still fulfill the needs of architectural work and furniture designs, including furniture and door handles, knobs, and finials. Because our wood balls are made of high-quality wood, a basic dremel set might not be strong enough to plunge or cut into them. We recommend stronger power drills and other tools if you’re looking to sculpt, pierce, or reshape the hardwood. Of course safety comes first, so don’t forget to wear protective goggles! With this new collection of unfinished wood balls, we hope to invite all DIY and woodcraft fanatics into the fold of modern and contemporary decorating.




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