Glass Cube Vase Wholesale

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Wholesale Glass Cube Vases and Cube Candle Holders

Nothing beats Vase Market's wholesale glass cube vase collection. Articulate your artful fashion with cube-shaped glass vases. Place flowers, vase fillers, pebbles, or candles in them. Vase Market offers a vast selection of discounted wholesale glass square and cube vases in an assortment of sizes. Some of our cube vases are infused with black colored glass, and recently we've expanded our collection to include more eclectic glass vase designs, such as our dimple patterned glass cube vase. Each glass cube vase is perfect for fresh flowers from your local market or home garden, or silk flower arrangements from the craft store. The shape of these glass cube vases makes them easy for DIY wedding centerpiece arrangements, and their size and simplicity represents an open canvas for experiementing with creative decorative designs!

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