Tips & Tricks to Cleaning & Caring For Your Glass Vases

Hello! We've been noticing a lot of inquiries about how to care for wood, metal, and glass vases we offer. Well you don't have to worry anymore! Today, we will put down basic guidelines on methods of cleaning and care so that you can preserve you beautiful centerpieces, glass vases, wood planters, and zinc planters for years to come.


Dealing With Glass

 All of Vase Market's glass vases and candle holders are handblown

The thing to understand about our great collection of glass vases and glass candle holders is that they are all hand-crafted by professional glass handblowers overseas. This means that each piece we sell can vary a little in glass surface consistency. The glass thickness may also vary slightly. While it's not always noticeable, these differences can affect the durability of our items. However, we don't consider a lack of durability as a non-selling point because in these cases, the more delicate the glass, the finer it is. Clarity and beauty is further enhanced by this trait, which makes taking care of them all the more important.

On top of this hand-blown glass feature, our glass vases also vary in glass-type. A majority of our glass vase collection, all glass apothecary jars, and all of our glass candle holders are made of high-end tempered glass, which is considered to be one of the highest quality among glass materials. It yeilds the greatest glass clarity second to crystal and lead-infused glass. The remainder of our catalog is constructed from utility glass. Utility glass is thicker and usually made to support heavy and densly packed floral arrangements, and it tends to be heat and scratch resistant.

Not all of our glass is dishwasher safe. Check with us before doing so.


Both high-end tempered glass and utility glass are non-porous, lead-free, and gerenally dishwasher safe. HOWEVER, because of the size and/or shape of many of our glass candle holders and vases, using a dishwasher to clean them may not always be practical, and in some cases, may put you glass at risk of scratches or shattering. Given that our vases are not typically used for food purposes, handwashing is encouraged over using a machine. If you're still unsure about the best practices, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone (888-980-9698) or through our live-chat feature.


Glass Cleaning Products

There are so many options of products for cleaning glass


Most of the time, when cleaning Vase Market's glass vases, a simple dusting-off with a cloth or swiffer sheet is sufficient. While wiping down our glass with soap or a cleaning product is not always needed, in the case that a deeper cleaning is called for, there are many glass-safe cleaning products to choose from that can work with our glass vases and glass candle holders. To get started, simply pick the one that's right for you. See the examples above, although chances are you already own at least one of these.

Simple dry washcloth for wiping down or dusting off is more than sufficientIf the glass is stained, sponges can be used, but BE GENTLE


For all of our clear glass vases, a simple washcloth of soft sponge will be sufficient for wiping down or when using a product. For our clear glass vases, using some strength to scrub away stains can be generally safe, BUT please use common sense when cleaning. As mentioned before, our glass vases vary in thickness and may break if handled too roughly. If there are bubbles of other imperfections in the glass (which can occur in hand-blown glass vases), try to gentle go over them without pressing on the bubbles. Otherwise, the bubbles may break.


Colored Glass Vases - Do's and Don't's

For these particular vases, harsh washing is not recommendedDon't worry about color washing off for these colored glass vases. The color is infused in the glass.

Vase Market has many colored glass vases as well as clear glass vases. Among our many colored glass vases, there are a few styles are spay-painted: the Lake Blue Glass Square Bud Vases, the Pale Amber Glass Square Bud Vases, and the Geometric Red Glass VasesHarsh washing is definitely NOT recommened for these spray painted vases, as the color can wash off, so gently wipe them down with a dry (or lightly damp) cloth.

Otherwise, we have many other styles of vases: multicolored retro style designs, bold black or white glass cylinder vases, black or white square vases, black or white eiffel tower vases, black or white trumpet vases, and in some cases, amber colored glass vases. Because the color is infused with the glass, nearly all of these glass vases can be washed or cleaned the same way as our regular clear glass vases and glass candle holders.


Dealing With Wood

Natural wood is safe to clean with a regular dry cloth or damp clothGently wipe down painted wood with dry or damp cloth

When it comes to our wood planters or the wood bases that come with many of our glass dome cloche bell jars, a simple dusting should be enough. If for whatever reason you feel that the wood planter or wood base is particularly dirty, wiping down with a damp cloth and then drying it off immediately after is also fine. Again, use common sense. Wood is suseptible to rot and mold, so leaving them wet and not drying them will put them at risk. Many of our glass cloche bell jars come with black painted wood and the paint can be scratched off if you are too harsh in cleaning it.


Dealing With Zinc

Be careful with zinc vases that have painted textures

Our zinc metal cylinder vases a rectangular planters are all safe for indoor or outdoor use and are great for growing various types of plants, as our previous blog posts have mentioned before (see here, here, and here). Zinc is rust and water-damage resistant, so you don't have to worry about corrosion. However, some of these zinc rectangle planters cylinder planters have hand-painted textures to emulate a corrugated or galvanized appearance. These faux textures will likely withstand a rough-wipedown or even harsh scrubbing, but to keep these metal planters from getting scratches or bent out of shape, use common sense and adjust your strength.

Vase Market is the place for all your glass vases in bulk, centerpieces, and party supplies!

We hope you enjoyed out latest blog post!

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