Major winter and holiday deals are available while supplies last! Hurry and save big on some of Vase Market's most popular wholesale glass vase items, candle holders, glass terrariums, and wholesale planters and garden supplies. 

Happy December 1st from Vase Market!


Winter joys are best celebrated in festive places. Decorate your homes and venues with our beautiful clear glass items, now on sale for up to 30% off! Just click on any image below to see our special prices!


Apothecary Jars

 Glass Apothecary Jar H-10" (Pack of 6 pcs)Glass Apothecary Jar H-13" (Pack of 8 pcs)Glass Apothecary Jar H-14.75" (Pack of 4 pcs)Glass Apothecary Jar H-16.25" (Pack of 6 pcs)

Glass Apothecary Jar H-21.5"Glass Apothecary Jar H-6.5" (Pack of 4 pcs)Glass Apothecary Jar H-9.5"

A special selection of seven different glass apothecary jars are absolutely certain to transform your modern home or wedding venue into a dream! These glass jars are perfect for candy buffet tables or candy bar set-ups for birthdays and receptions. They also make beautiful miniature displays, sand art displays, unity sand ceremony vessels, or plant terrariums. Click on the jar you fancy to see our sale prices.


Hanging Glass Terrariums

Hanging Terrarium Glass Orbs. H-8" D-7" (Pack of 8 pcs)Hanging Heart Shape Terrarium H-4.5" (Pack of 48 pcs)Teardrop Terrarium Glass H-7.25" D-3.5" (Pack of 36 pcs)

Our classic and cusomter favorite 7 inch wide hanging tealight orb terrarium for airplants and succulents is now available at a new discounted price ($3.87 per glass terrarium). Along with these excellent orbs are two other unique hanging glass terrarium designs: the glass heart hanging terrarium and the 7.25 inch tall teardrop hanging terrarium. All of these lovely glass terrariums will make sweet additions to your holiday decorations, especially as tree ornaments! Of course, these glass terrariums would also make adorable Christmas gifts for friends and family.


Glass Candle Holders

White Frosted Stemmed Candle Holders

We've talked about these gorgeous snow frosted christmas candle holders before! Well, now these idyllic stemmed glass winter candle holders are on SALE, for an amazingly low wholesale price. With a small candle in each, these hand-blown frosted glass stem candle holders will light up your weddings and events with warmth and tranquility.


Hurricane Candle Holder H-24" D-3.125" (Pack of 6 pcs)These hurricane tealight candle holders come with a steel cup for your tealight

Along with our exquisite stem candle holders, our contemporary hurricane tealight candle holder with steel cup is a graceful and alluring addition to any modern home looking to bring in something that is both simple and stimulating.


Unique Glass Terrarium Containers and Vases

Glass Dome w/ Wood Base & Stopper H-9.5" Body D-7" (Pack of 6 pcs)Glass Carafe Vase H-7.25" (Pack of 12 pcs)Glass Cloche Bell Jar w/ Tray H-7.5" D-8" (Pack of 4 pcs)

 Long Stem Glass Candle Holders H-19.75" Open-5.75" (Pack of 4 pcs)Glass Jumbo Martini Style Vase H-21.75" Open-5.5" (Pack of 4 pcs)Glass Rectangle Vase Round Edge H-8" Open-7"x1.75" (Pack of 12 pcs)

How can a decorative accent encompass both distinctiveness and simplicity simultaneously? It's hard to describe with words, but one glance at each of these unique terrarium containers and vases and it would seem indisputable to anyone that these hand-blown glass vessels have it all. Now, for a limited time, these one-of-a-kind glass accents will be available for a reduced wholesale price. For the discerning eye, this is an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss.


Geometric Vases

 Geometric Glass Vases

Vase Market's geometric glass vase collection has expanded in the past year to include both clear glass vases and red glass vases with unique shapes and designs that you won't find anywhere else. For our winter deal, you can get some of these high-quality hand-crafted and imported geometric glass vases for as low as $3.78 per piece. If you're a florist or event planner, this is the best opportunity to stock up on special geometric glass vases and vessels for the coming year at an extra discounted wholesale deal.


Trumpet Vases

Glass Trumpet Vase H-24" (Pack of 6 pcs)Glass White Trumpet Vase. H-24" (Pack of 6 pcs)Glass Trumpet Vase H-32" (Pack of 6 pcs)

Glass trumpet vases are the epitome of celebration vases and centerpieces. And if you're preparing for a big winter event, now is the time to take advantage of our newly reduced prices on these hand-made turmpet vases. Each glass vases is strong; capable of holding many different types of top-heavy floral arrangements. With each vase available for under $15, it's practically a steal, so don't miss out!


Zinc and Wood Planters

Wood Cube Planter Box w/ Zinc Liner Natural H-4" Open-4"x4" (Pack of 48 pcs)Wood Rectangle Planter Box w/ Plastic Liner H-4" Open-10"x5" (Pack of 4 pcs)Zinc Cylinder Dish Iron Grey Finish Set of 5 D-4"/5"/6"/7"/8" (Pack of 12 sets)

Zinc Cylinder Vase w/ Birch Wood Wrap H-7" Open-6" (Pack of 24 pcs)Zinc Cylinder Vase w/ Birch Wood Wrap H-8" Open-7" (Pack of 16 pcs)Zinc Rectangle Planter Rose Gold Finish H-4" Open-5"x20" (Pack of 6 pcs)

Our rustic style designers and garden planter fanatics are gonna love this. Of our garden supply and planter collection, we've selected six items for this marvelous week-long Black Friday Deal. These garden planters can be used indoors or out, for rustic weddings, farmhouse decor, or country-side style gardens. Just click on any of the planters above to see our sale prices.


 LED Flameless Tealight Candles

LED Flameless Flickering Tealight Candles

Is there anymore that needs to be said about the benefits of decorative LED party lights and tealights that we haven't mentioned before? Be it Halloween of Christmas, warn and ambient lighting is guaranteed to enhance your holiday atmosphere! Flameless LED tealight candles are fun, easy-to-use, and child-safe.



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